All of the Ridiculous Thoughts of Millennial Moms

Millennials… We get a bad rap, but let’s be real—we are subject to a whole lot of pressure and criticism…especially as moms.

Here are just a few of the oh-so many thoughts Millennial moms are sorting out:

I have got to get this nursery done before our baby arrives! Obviously not for its functionality because we’ll be using the bassinet in our room at first, but for the newborn lifestyle photos.

Today was such a fun day with my kids. I think I could be content doing this all day every day without the pressure of a job. But would I be living up to my fullest potential if I were “just” a mom? I certainly wouldn’t be utilizing the college degree I’m still paying off…

I can’t feed my child hotdogs, mac ‘n’ chees, or Oreos. All those preservatives…yikes! Well, I might feed them that stuff as long as no one knows. Note to self, don’t post any photos to Instagram of lunchtime today.

What should I pack in my hospital bag for when my baby is born? Oh yay, there’s another Millennial mom who made a YouTube video with all of her must-haves…and another mom…and another mom—4 hours of mommy vloggers later—hmm, my Target list is now 59 items long. Is it all necessary? Probably not, but I think I should get it all just in case… Ooo, she also vlogs about what kind of stroller I should buy. Oh, and she rates diaper bags, too!

How have we spent three hours of our lives on 4th grade math homework? I didn’t even understand math when I was in school. Will I look absolutely ridiculous if I get a tutor for my kid in elementary school? I remember my teacher said, “You won’t have a calculator with you everywhere you go!” She obviously didn’t consider smartphones back then.

I wonder if I am stimulating my baby’s mind properly for his age. Should I buy new toys? I definitely can’t give him screens yet because we’ve all seen the warnings about how they affect their little brains…

Why do all of these moms have to make their kids’ birthday parties such an ordeal? There’s no way I can make our house look like Elsa’s ice castle. I hate Pinterest. Why can’t we just meet at Chuck E. Cheese and have bad pizza like the good old days?

I wish I had taken a photo of my baby girl month by month with a cute, flowery number that corresponds with how many months old she is… but I missed month one so that’s shot.

Now that we got these cute family photos done, maybe I should send out Christmas cards. Who am I kidding? I barely sleep, so when do I think I’ll find time to address a bunch of envelopes? I’ll just post the photos on Facebook and call it a day.

His poop looks a little more green than it did yesterday. Maybe I should Google what that could mean. 17 horror stories later…I definitely should not have Googled what that could mean.

Diapers or college?

Ugh, another note home from the teacher. Maybe he needs to play another sport or something to get all of that energy out. How in the world am I going to fit another thing into our schedule?

Why is my daughter being such a mean girl? I’m sure I can find a mommy blog to answer that.

I want to name my next kid something really unique so that no one else in his class has his name. Hmmm… Bear is taken. Rowan is now pretty popular too. Darn, I just saw that someone else used Maddox. Maybe I should go with Matthew, Andrew, Michael, or David…I haven’t seen any of those in a long time.

Millennial momming isn’t for the faint of heart! We’re juggling the daily tasks of being a mom while pursuing our own passions, all while sifting through the non-stop, latest research and opinions that tell us what’s healthy, not healthy, and completely unacceptable. Parenting is hard, but add the current cultural stressors and it becomes a whole new ball game. Cheers to you, Millennial moms, for not letting the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

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