The Everyday Mom Moments That Will Make You Laugh

The Everyday Mom Moments That Will Make You Laugh

So you’re on the mom road. The one that is filled with every emotion—fear, joy, frustration, laughter, angst, and frenzy all colliding within the same 30-minute window of your day. You want to teach your child what they need to live; you want to be great at this job, but some days you just shake your head at the places you find yourself.

Just to give every mom a pass, I want to share a few of those everyday mom moments that we all live through:

1. Since your first child was a girl, you quickly learn that face first when changing your newborn son is a dangerous place to be.

2. You mumble “good job” in your sleep because it appears to be the only two words you can speak during the day to keep anything moving forward.

3. While running out of the house, you find your child’s missing water gun…stuffed in the foot of your brand new leather boots.

4. You find yourself picking up the Cheetos off the floorboard of the car because you were pitching them into the back seat one at a time to feed the kids behind you.

5. You dig through every child’s sock drawer trying to find the two that might kind of match, even if they aren’t the same size.

6. You pretend to help your 10-year-old find his favorite piece of Halloween candy when you know you ate it after he went to bed the night before.

7. After your middle school child stomps off to their bedroom, you stomp off to yours. Wise enough! Do your ranting facedown into your pillow (because you are the “grown-up”).

8. While sitting in the passenger’s seat, you pound your brake foot through the floorboard because you’re teaching the just-turned-15-year-old how to drive.

9. You dislocate your right shoulder because that boy in the car seat behind you wants to hold your hand while you drive him to day care…then ponder if he will still love his mommy just as much when he heads off to college.

Enjoy the ride and laugh at the nonsense! You will teach them well, getting a whole lot more right than you do wrong. And remember, you’re not alone.

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