How to Find Your Purpose When Plans Fall Apart With JJ Heller – 129

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Women love to plan. Some of us had our whole lives planned out as little girls, writing our stories down with brightly colored pens in flowery little journals. Our guest, singer/songwriter JJ Heller, understands this well and took it to heart. In light of our new reality due to COVID-19, she wrote a song reflecting on all the plans that have come undone. Traveling and trips canceled, Easter celebrations changed, and so many plans for the best summer ever—poured down the drain…vacations, parties, and simple joys like swimming in the local pools. Right? But in this grit and grace life, things are always subject to change. Virus or no virus, life is full of unexpected turns; sometimes we are put on paths we never intended to follow. In this episode, JJ shares her journey. She believed her future was one of an athlete, but to her surprise she was destined to become a musician, writing and recording her own songs. Hearing her story reminds us that even the best and most logical plans sometimes have to change. God is always at work, preparing us for what He has next, and that is usually where we find our own individual “voice.” He has a purpose in all He does, and even though we may not realize it at first, His purposes become ours as well! In this shifting season, we know that you will find hope, encouragement, and confidence as you listen to JJ’s experience. And make sure you check out the video of her new song “You Already Know” here or watch it below!

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This is a replay of a previous popular episode (085) with a few new thoughts added in from your co-hosts that relate to today.

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“You already know everything I’m scared of, everything I hope. You hold my tomorrow, and all tomorrow holds. You already know.
JJ Heller

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