How to Embrace Love in Every Season With Debra Fileta – 123

This Grit and Grace Life Podcast
This Grit and Grace Life Podcast Darlene Brock Julie BenderJust as nature cycles through seasons, so do our relationships. No matter what type of relationship you are in, there are four stages that it will cycle through that spiritually and psychologically mimic the four seasons we see in nature. 
In This #GritandGraceLife podcast episode, hosts Darlene and Julie chat with Debra Fileta who dives into theses four stages and explains how each stage is vital for building a deeper relationship, how we can find hope in knowing we will never get stuck in one stage, or “season”, and how to successfully navigate through each one
Debra Fileta is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in dating, marriage and relationship issues, along with a spectrum of mental health disorders and issues.
Whether you are single, married, or single again, you will leave with actionable advice you can apply to any relationship in your grit and grace life. 

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Debra K. Fileta’s work has been featured by numerous media outlets from national television to church ministries such as Saddleback Church, Focus on the Family,, The 700 Club, NGEN Radio, KLOVE, and many more. She, her husband, and three children live in Lancaster, PA.

She is the author of True Love Dates, Choosing Marriage: Why it Has To Start With We > Me and Love in Every Season. She’s also the creator of the popular relationship advice blog, True Love Dates, as well as the Love + Relationships Podcast reaching millions of people each year with topics of love, sex, marriage, and relationships. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter to get your dating questions answered and to learn more!


Quote of the episode:

“Relationships are like plants, give them too little and they’ll die, but give them
too much and they’ll also die.” -Debra Fileta

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