How to Get Your Hormones in Check with Ashby Duval – 070

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Do the words “hormone health” make you cringe? Our hormones get blamed for mood swings, tiredness, complexion nightmares, and even weight gain! But, could there be a little truth in that blame game? There is something to be said about understanding the things that can make you crazy! So, Darlene and Julie are joined by their resident “hippie in heels,” friend, and writer at Grit and Grace Life, Ashby Duval.

Having lived through a personal battle with this issue, she brings insights into what role hormones play in a woman’s health and what to change if yours are out of whack. You’ll learn what to look for when you’re feeling “off” and gain practical tips you can use to get them back in balance! Because this is such a relatable topic for women, these ladies can’t help but laugh a lot while they share stories of times they each knew their hormones had struck again. Give it a listen then you’ll agree that this one is a must-share with a girlfriend!

hormone guide for men

Ashby shared with us the acrostic SEEDS. Perfect to remember as we seek to keep our hormones balanced in our #gritandgracelife.

Environmental Toxins
Sleep + Supplements

Quote of the episode:

“If you doubt the real power of hormones, ask a 13-year-old girl or a pregnant woman, carefully.”

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