Tips for Your Grit and Grace Life – 099

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Darlene and Julie are ramping back up. With summer behind us, it’s time to go full steam ahead with new episodes. But to get ready, they spent a little time chatting about their favorite ones that might help all of us get back into our regular routines—balancing family, friendships, work, hobbies, your health, and even self-care. If you’re feeling a little off, we know this is a great way to give yourself a restart; it was for us. You will get tips from real women facing the same struggles you are. Listen on your commute to work, in the car line, while running errands, or during a workout. Pick and choose from the links to each show below, and share one with a friend you know could use the encouragement! And join us next week as we celebrate—our 100th episode!

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Have you heard our first episode? If not, start here! What is a Grit and Grace Life? – 001

Do you need help processing your feelings in a healthy way?
How to Feel Your Emotions in a Healthy Way With Dr. Zoe Shaw – 075

Do you want to recommit to your health and fitness? Not sure how to balance that with a busy life?
On Business, Happiness & Health with Burn Boot Camp’s Morgan Kline – 065

Were you too busy to pursue your faith this summer? Does that leave you feeling guilty or unworthy?
Are You the Proverbs 31 Woman? Should You Be? – 092

Are you trying to decide if a friendship is unhealthy?
When Is a Friendship Unhealthy and What Do You Do? – 081

Are you thinking about chasing a dream? Not sure of your voice?
How to Find Your Own Voice, With JJ Heller – 085

Have you been interested in dating? Curious what it’s like for your friends who are?
What Today’s Dating Scene is Really Like – 094

Does it seem like you’re facing obstacles you can’t overcome?
Overcome These 5 Struggles and Live a Grit + Grace Life – 088

Do you wonder if you can be a strong woman who is independent, too?
Miss Independent: Can You Be Healthy, Strong and Dependent? – 047

Next week we’ll pick back up with weekly episodes and our 100th episode celebration!

Quote of the episode:

“Actually, you can.”

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