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When Is Your Teen out of Control and What Do You Do? With Dr. Zoe Shaw – 032

Are you afraid your teen may be out of control? Or, is their behavior typical teenage boundary-pushing? When do you know that enough is enough and things have to change? These questions often consume the mind of a mom with a pre-teen or teenager. To determine when to draw a line, Darlene and Julie brought back our trusted friend and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Zoe Shaw. This family therapist of 16 years discusses when you need to give your teen room to make mistakes to learn from them, or how to recognize that the time has come to step in and intervene. If you have a teen (or will one-day), this must listen to episode is filled with the answers you need.

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Julie encouraged you to go back and make sure you listen to the last episode with Dr. Zoe, When to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Man (with Dr. Zoe Shaw) – 024 and you’ll also really benefit from another episode where teens are the focus, Sneaky Teen Texting Trends You Need to Know About – 006.

You can follow Dr. Zoe by visiting her site, or finding her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as her podcast, Redefining Your Superwoman.

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Quote of the episode:

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.” Narayana Murthy

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