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5 Inspiring Women You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

We all do it. We all get lost in the scroll from time to time. Zoning out to an Instagram world filled with loveliness is a welcome relief from the push and pull of life. It’s easy to get swept away by the carefully crafted world of both social media influencers and mere mortal posters alike.

And why shouldn’t we? Instagram is one of our favorite social media platforms for good reasons. It’s visual, driven by beautiful images that can uplift and inspire even our darkest days. It’s easy, allowing us to cultivate our experiences and manage our content with less sponsored posts and unwanted rhetoric than other social media platforms. And it’s fun too. On Instagram you can interact with celebrities, get a backstage peek into the lives of women you admire, and watch mindless hours of Instastories from the people you want to be friends with in real life, but you just haven’t met yet.

So keep up with your scrolling. Don’t hide in shame. We here at Grit and Grace Life encourage you to take some time for yourself and keep on with your Instagram habit.

And while you’re at it, why not add some more beauty to your feed with these five inspirational women to follow? Each of these women shares their lives and faith with honesty, wit, and humor. All of them have stories to share and do so with courage that is inspiring, beautiful, and sometimes hilarious. Add them to your feed today for a quick and inspiring dose of feel-good inspiration that you need to get you through your next scroll attack.

Melissa Radke

Melissa is everything you want to have in a best friend. She’s honest. She’s hilarious. And she loves cake. Through her posts, she speaks life and acceptance to everyone, and her Instagram breathes positivity. If you need a laugh or a smile, her Instastories are always hilarious, and she has no problem sharing her most vulnerable and embarrassing stories so that you can feel better about yours. Follow Melissa @msmelissaradke.


Meshali’s Instagram is the stuff of dreams. In her real life, she’s restoring a farmhouse. In her Instagram life, she’s passionate about relating the restoration of that house to the restoration of her life by Christ. Her pictures are beautiful. Her message is powerful. And her style is dreamy. Follow Meshali for home inspiration, life inspiration, and for beautiful, uplifting words about God’s restoration and redemption.


While you’re on Instagram, why not add some more beauty to your feed with these five inspirational women to follow?


Ashley Morgan Jackson

Ashley’s Instagram goal is to “Encourage Women in Christ,” and she does this through a stunning and beautiful array of pictures, videos, and messages. Her profile is an eclectic mixture of family photos, inspirational quotes, and uplifting videos. You can always count on Ashley to share truth and honesty through her words and her pictures. Follow Ashley @ashley.morgan.jackson.

Regan Frizzelle

Regan is a Texas girl, pastor’s wife, certified health & lifestyle coach, and encourager. Her goal is to speak truth and life into everyone, and this shines through every word she writes, picture she posts, and video she shares. You can’t scroll her feed without feeling uplifted and encouraged and inspired by her story, which she shares with honesty and grace. Follow her long enough, and you might even happen upon her alter ego, the Tootorial Lady, who will make you laugh and smile and brighten even your darkest day. Follow Regan @reganfrizzelle.

Julie Bender (formerly Graham)

We could not do a story on Instagram without including our very own inspirational powerhouse Julie Bender, could we? Julie’s Instagram is a one-woman show of fun, positivity, and light. If you follow Grit and Grace Life, you know her story. You know her honesty in heartbreak and in struggle. But you also know that gigantic smile. And if you know her, you know redemption. You know the wonderful light that shines through every post she shares. You can’t help but be inspired to live fuller, better, and healthier when you see her daily posts on life and love. Follow her now over at @thejuliebender.

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