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A former corporate recruiter, Meaghan used to spend her time in the boardrooms, classrooms, and interview rooms. Now, as a corporate ex-pat she spends her time pursuing her dream to become a cookbook creator and moming her three very busy, very crazy elementary school aged children (and husband). A true homebody by nature, Meaghan draws energy from the people she loves. She’d rather be home cooking a good meal for her family than out on the town any day. She’s terrible at social media, would rather read a real book than an e-book, and will always choose face to face conversations over texts. She loves curry, avocados, dark chocolate, red wine, and black coffee, and her biggest desire in life is to help people get over their fear of the kitchen and learn to love to play with their food.
9 Easy Holiday Recipes for People Who Hate to Cook

We all love the holiday season. It’s filled with fun, friends, and family. Oh yes, and food. We all love the holiday food. But what

10 of the Best Pumpkin Recipes to Taste Fall Now

Oh fall, we just love you for so many reasons. After summer's heat and humidity, your cool, crisp air is a glorious change of

women get better with age and this is why

We stood in a little, clustered semi-circle. Three women, not quite yet friends, but acquaintances testing the waters of friendship with tentative toes. Asking

growing plants taught me 4 lessons for a satisfying life

During the height of Covid quarantine, I, like many people, developed some new obsessions. Partly as a way to pass the time and partly

the best moments of my life dont belong on instagram

Sometimes I feel like this is Instagram’s world, and I’m just living in it. Don’t you? I mean, I can fight hard against it and

5 ways i learned to love my middle aged body

The other day as I was participating in my daily scroll on social media, a Facebook memory popped up on my feed. It was


Normally, I am a girl who loves her worship. Set me up in the front row at church with the lights going and the

Making Peace Not War With the Elf on the Shelf

I want to have a very serious conversation with you today, friends. I want to talk about something I hate with the passion of

Dear Skinny Jeans, I’m breaking up with you. Please don’t be mad. So many others still love you. You have devoted fans everywhere. It’s just,

We all do it. We all get lost in the scroll from time to time. Zoning out to an Instagram world filled with loveliness

To the Woman Whose Husband Is Married to His Job

I see you over there, sitting in the audience filled with families—moms and dads, grandparents and children. I see you juggling your toddler, holding

A Simple Phrase That Will Encourage Every Mom

It’s been happening for about a month now, this 3 a.m. visit. It starts with a creeping tip-toe, then a gentle tap on my

What Does It Mean to Be a Virtuous Woman

Working on the back end of Grit and Grace Life has lots of perks. I get to work with Darlene, who if you don’t

My Jersey Mom on Life And How to Throw a Punch

My mom is a small woman. She’s always been. It’s not so much that she’s short—she’s actually taller than me—but more that she’s always

The Perfect Blended Mocha Recipe That Will Help Save You Money

My how we love our coffee. Our afternoon lattes. Our morning Joes. Our triple shot, soy, extra whip, hold-the-foam, caramel macchiato espressos. Whatever your drink, however

6:00AM: My house is silent. By some stroke of #Coronamiracle I’m up first, trying to settle myself as we step into our new normal.

How I Made Beauty From Ashes and Burnt Toast

I have been many things in my 40 years. I’ve tried on many different hats. I have been a fashion-forward retail worker in New York

5 Ways to Get Your Teen Off of Screens Now

My oldest son has the most beautiful head of blonde hair I have ever seen. I know this is an odd statement, but it’s

3 Ways You Can Save Money on a Prom Dress

My senior prom dress was a floor-length, beaded, navy blue nightmare. Yes, you read that right. It was a nightmare for a lot of

Hope. It’s a four-letter word.  It’s dangerous. Daring. Subversive.  Hope can seem foolish, naive and blind. With all of the hurting in the world, what is there


It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not a big sports fan. I couldn't tell a touchdown from a jump

Mom, You Know When Your Kid Needs a Win

The folder is bright orange; bright like a hunting vest or a parking cone—neon, really, if I had to describe it. It’s giant too;