What Do You Do When Faced With the Impossible?

What Do You Do When Faced With the Impossible

Walt Disney made the statement, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” as he was building the incredible company that we now call Disney. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Disneyland, and Disney World, and every princess that every little girl has ever wanted to be were born of that attitude. He was creating a new industry, one that had never existed before.

I can only surmise that imagination, creativity, and sheer fortitude are what led this man to pursue his ideas that resulted in such joy for so many. It’s that same attitude I hope to always possess and encourage others to have as well: when faced with the impossible, to look it straight in the eye and say, “This is gonna be fun!” Then, as you plunge forward, be willing to grab on to the funny and ridiculous moments…and enjoy them.

On an adventure with my two girls, a trip through Europe that I had promised when they were little, we launched “the impossible.” While we were on a bus trip to tour the Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps (ironically the one that Disney fashioned his Cinderella Castle in Disney World after), the tour guides said it was a perfect day to go paragliding off the mountains if anyone was interested.

I’m basically afraid of heights, so jumping off a mountain strapped to a perfect stranger who’s supposed to know what he’s doing seemed nuts. But this was a once in a lifetime experience that I could have with my daughters. I turned in my seat and asked them if they wanted to go.

“Really?” both asked. “Of course!”

Is Impossible Stopping YouSo we did. We paid the money and met perfect strangers in whose hands we placed our lives for the next 45 minutes (one of which spoke no English but understood “cool” when my daughter repeated it mid-air). Loaded with gear, we hiked up the mountain trail. Then, one by one, we jumped off. Chelsea firstsmooth sailing, Loren nextperfect launch. I was last, running for all I was worth. Suddenly, I was airborne.

It was breathtaking, not just because I was suspended hundreds of feet above ground, but the perfect silence that surrounded us made the beauty of the mountains come alive. The colors of nature were more translucent, the air amazingly crisp. But while in the air absorbing God’s beauty, I realized my tandem partner was jerking frantically at the lines to the sail. They were tangled. He said not to worry as he kept pulling, and I continued to take photographs. Then he announced we’d be landing early. He said he was sorry, but we needed to get on down.

“Fine,” I said, completely unfazed by the fact that I, a grown woman terrified of heights, was flying hundreds of feet above the mountain tree line. I wasn’t the least bit concerned that the professional I had put my faith in was trying desperately to get us safely on the ground.

We landed a field away from my daughters. I found out later how not good it is to have tangled lines.

But, if given the opportunity, I’d do it all over again. We could have passed up that experience, and done something milderlike taking the bike tour around the lake. But paragliding in the Alps together is one of our great life memories. I’m so glad we did it.

When faced with the impossible, what do you do?

Don’t run from it. Instead, glean the fun and create your own memories. In your life, your career, the home front, parenting, and absolutely in your daughter’s life, make sure you are always willing to do the impossible. Walt Disney took what some considered as mosquito-infested, worthless wetlands in the middle of Florida and turned them into Disney World. What you are considering may not start as a mosquito infested swampland, but whatever it is, you too can do something you never dreamed you would.

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