When Moving, This Is One Thing You Need to Leave Behind

When Moving, This Is One Thing You Need to Leave Behind

I have moved both my mother as well as my father-in-law recently and landed back on my doorstep declaring, “I am cleaning out my house!” If I haven’t touched it, worn it, or even dusted it in awhile, it’s going out the door!

It’s not even that they had too much stuff; they just had a house of life. When that’s the case, you end up packing more boxes than you want to load on a truck. Just when you get one box filled, you realize there is another pile you haven’t even touched yet. This exercise leaves one with the desire to never have to do it again.

These moves did make me ponder… As we relocate from one home to another, it’s not the items we pack and bring with us in boxes that make a difference in our lives. It’s what attitudes and emotional baggage we take along that makes all the difference.

Moving to a new home, another city, or a new job presents us with new opportunities. To varying degrees, you get the chance for a fresh start. You can make the best of that if you leave behind some of the emotional baggage we all tend to carry.

Leave insecurity behind.

You may struggle with uncertainty, about yourself and others around you. Little secret—almost everybody does! You aren’t the only one looking for new relationships and new friends. So be the one that reaches out. Introduce yourself; don’t wait for someone else to go first; ask them about their lives. You will be surprised by how much folks like to talk about themselves, and in the process, you just might discover a new friend.

Don’t pack the hurt.

Not saying that whatever you are leaving didn’t create pain, it often does. I’m not telling you the hurt will be instantly fixed; it probably won’t. But what I am saying is it’s not a discourse for every new friend, co-worker, or neighbor you encounter.

Quick judgment should be a thing of the past.

Don’t assume you understand what another person thinks or feels until you take the time to get to know them. Barriers are most quickly built by assumptions.

Shake off fear.

As you exit the door of one home, take a moment to shake it off. Whether it’s a personal lecture, a declaration, or a literal shaking off act of defiance (which the movers will wonder about) leave this one behind. This is a new life start; don’t let fear keep you from making the most of it!

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