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Welcome to Relationships.
Women are tasked with wearing many hats in life: Daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, friend, chef, caregiver, supporter, cheerleader and more.
But with all these roles in our various relationships, it’s no wonder that from time-to-time, a relationship challenge can throw you for a loop, and you need a little help. Or you are simply looking for insights that will help to strengthen the relationships you have.
That’s why we’re here. The Grit & Grace Project is a website by women, for women. This means that women write the stories and articles — women who can offer advice because they have had the relationship issues you’re facing now.
Women and Family
Women and family go hand-in-hand, often considered the heart of the home. Naturally, being a member of a family whether as mother, daughter, or sister, is a wonderful thing.
Still, it can be a challenge. Whether it’s dealing with a troubled sibling, handling care for an elderly parent, or hashing it out with a cousin or two at Thanksgiving — we’ve got the family relationship answers you’ve been looking for.
Dating & Women and Marriage
Naturally, you can’t say relationship without mentioning men.
From first dates (and how to find those first dates) to marriage proposals, married life, divorce, and “getting back together,” we cover all ground in the world of romance—how to find it, survive it, improve it; also realizing that this one relationship does not hold all of life’s answers. relationships are concerned.
Women’s Relationship Advice for Friends
Of course, relationships is a big word. Sure, it refers to female relationships in the family and romantic relationships with men — but then there’s friendship, which we, of course, cannot forget.
The friendships that a woman makes in her life are often her saving grace — they’re the lighthouse they need when times get tough and your ship when it seems as though you’re going to flounder. But as we get older, making and keeping good friends is harder than it may seem. Use our friendship articles to cultivate the best friendships of your life.
It’s all here on The Grit & Grace Project.

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