Happy Father’s Day—What Makes a Good Man

Happy Father's Day—What Makes a Good Man

Here at Grit and Grace Life, we celebrate all of the qualities that make women—women. However, we also think it’s important to honor good men. This Father’s Day, I have the privilege of highlighting a great man, my dad. I have an exceptional father… And I’m not just saying that because it’s Father’s Day or because I’m biased and see him through rose-colored glasses. He is the real deal—a cut above.

Below you will find my list of good-dad qualities, but they’re really just good-man qualities. So, gentlemen, take note:

• He takes ownership and responsibility of everything entrusted to him.
• He doesn’t grumble.
• He loves my mother well.
• He sends me a picture of every rainbow he sees, reminding me that he loves me “so much.”
• He keeps his word.
• He always answers my phone calls—even in meetings.
• He listens to me talk… And talk… And talk…
• He’s patient (notice the point above).
• He believes in me and always supports my random, often short-lived ideas.
• He never makes me feel silly.
• He sent me a handwritten letter every week during my first year of college.
• He protects me.
• He protects our family.
• He makes me feel special.
• He always cared about my friends, and they loved him like a second dad.
• He taught me how to live frugally, but comfortably.
• He and my mom are the most generous people I know.
• He’s got a servant’s heart and loves helping others.
• He makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
• He cried with me in my darkest moments.
• He was the safe place I ran to when I knew I was in trouble.
• When I did get into trouble, he disciplined me, and then loved me well. He maintained my punishment, but with grace. Sure, I was grounded, but he would still hang out with me and laugh with me, making the most of our time together. He never made me dwell in guilt. He allowed me to feel free from my mistakes, while instilling a desire to make better choices moving forward.
• Obeying him was easy; disappointing him was the most bitter feeling. I wanted to make him proud, and I wanted to carry his name well.
• He showed me the kind of man I wanted to marry… and in all of the ways that matter, I did. Thanks, Dad.

I have a crazy-good father. He’s one of the biggest blessings in my life. I know it’s a rare thing, to have a caring, involved father, so I am thankful. Also, ladies, let’s encourage many more men of this caliber to rise up. We need good men, husbands, and fathers. I know first-hand how we thrive with them in our lives.

Maybe you grew up without a father figure, making this day a little more challenging. We hope this video offers some encouragement:

Photo Credit: Catherine Coons Photography

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