7 Dating Tips for Successful Relationships

7 Dating Tips for Successful Relationships

Looking for a man worth your time? Here are a few tips that will help you avoid wasting time on Mr. What-Was-I-Thinking.

1. Make a man list.

Every woman has a few non-negotiables. Write them down as your top “not going to settle for less than these” traits. Also add character traits that are important; those that will complement yours. Remember no man will meet all your criteria, but if you don’t know what you’re shopping for then you just might buy the wrong thing.

2. Relax.

Dating should be an enjoyable, relationship-building exercise, not a pressure cooker ready to explode. Enjoy getting to know someone, without constantly second-guessing and being filled with insecurity.

3. Don’t lose you.

If you have to become someone you’re not for a relationship to work then that is not a relationship worth pursuing.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid wasting time on Mr. What-Was-I-Thinking.

4. Don’t try to change him.

Yes, we all change with time, but if there are things you wish were different in the man you are dating, don’t think you can make that change happen. It’s not a healthy job for you to take on and I can assure you that it won’t work.

5. Trust your instinct.

If you have doubts about the guy you are dating, don’t dismiss it.

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6. If you don’t know, ask.

Are you wondering where the relationship is going? Ask. Wonder what his long-term goal is? Ask. Does he want children? Ask. You may never learn what you want to know unless you do.

7. Leave comfort behind.

Are you a couch-sitter who’s dating a mountain hiker? Give it a try. Not only will it tell you more about the guy you are dating, but it will afford you some unlikely adventures. And you just might enjoy them!

Dating can be a fun and productive life season if you incorporate these tips into your relationship building… You will be glad you did!

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