Take a Moment to Stop and Listen

Take a Moment to Stop and Listen

This morning I had a heart-to-heart with my son’s teacher. It all began when she commented on my physical transformation that she noticed from the pictures I provided for his family collage. We chatted a little about that (as you do when making small talk), but then she commented on how honest I seemed… And friendly…

Somehow our conversation became more personal, and she ended up sharing her struggle to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Then I shared how many friends I had who experienced the same thing; then we talked about considering adoption… Each of us revealing a piece of our heart. I am now sitting here, grateful for little interactions like these… Moments to be honest while sharing our lives.

Ladies, let’s stop. Let’s take the time to hear each other. Let’s seek to encourage one another! We all have so many blessings, and learning a little bit about the people in our lives is just one of them. I think that sometimes we fail to acknowledge those wonderful life moments—at least I know I do! Remember, we’ve all got life stories to share and, just maybe, others need to hear it so #beboldandjustbeyou!

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