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This Grit & Grace Life Podcast is a weekly women’s issues podcast hosted by Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. Together, these women cross generational lines and draw from their own life experiences (and those of the experts!) to bring you the issues that matter most to you. Start Listening….


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You, Your Man, and His Baby Mama All Need Grit and Grace

So your man is a pretty wonderful guy. Things are going so well. You might have even married him. What in the world could mess this up? Oh, the mother of his kids!

Baby mama drama began with the start of civilization—think Abraham from the Bible. Sparks were going off between Sarah (his wife) and Hagar (baby mama). Abraham couldn’t deal with the drama and finally shipped Hagar off with their child—never to be seen again. Even if that is your fantasy, it isn’t going to happen—nor should it. Read More…

13 Things I Need to Quit For Good, Right Now

13 Things I Need to Quit For Good, Right NowI need to quit thinking I’m not enough. Because I am. I am a person of value and have much to offer the world as long as I put the best of what I’ve been given to good use.

I need to quit debating with myself that I may never be “enough.” Because I am determined to never stop trying to become the best version of who I can be. For myself first, and then for other people. Read More…

Ask Dr. Zoe

Do you have a burning question about yourself, your relationships, or your parenting? Send it in, and Dr. Zoe will give you spot-on advice as a life and relationship expert. But don’t worry, she’ll balance her honest answers with grit and grace. Got A Question? Ask it here!



How Do I Know What Defines Me?

How Do I Know What Defines Me?

I am single. I am widowed. I am married. I am divorced. I am a mom. I have no children. I am a career woman. I stay at home. I am an artist. I am a cancer survivor. I have a doctorate. I finished high school.

Are these really who we are? Or are they simply part of our journey, a title or life experience that will demonstrate what we are made of? I, my friend, will passionately argue the latter. Read more…

Skillet’s Korey Cooper Talks About Marriage, Motherhood, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

A multi-platinum record-selling, international touring rock band is hardly the first place one would look to discover the formula for a great marriage. Celebrities of any type are not generally known for their ability to begin, build, and maintain healthy relationships. However, when I heard that one couple was celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in the midst of headlining a major tour, I had to find out more. Read more…

The Grit and Grace of a Baseball Wife

The-Grit-and-Grace-of-a-Baseball-WifeDo you have any childhood memories of attending professional baseball games? I know I do. I was so enamored by the players. The stadium was packed with fans cheering and screaming. I was star struck watching the players sign autographs after the game and thought that their lives were picture perfect. Then I married a professional baseball player. Read more…


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