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Grit and Grace for the Working Woman

Grit and Grace for the Working Woman

Can women be moms, wives, sisters, friends, and successful business people? Can we seemingly do it all? Whether you work from home, are growing a side biz, or commute to work in the corporate world every day, our resounding answer is Y-E-S. Will it take balance? Well, of course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t chase your dreams or provide for your family. Find encouragement for the journey in these articles written for working women, by working women.

The 6 Qualities That Make a Female Leader Strong

It is no surprise that “strong” is a word we use to describe women who have risen to positions of leadership. Males and females alike recognize that women in positions of power must be strong in order to survive Read more

To the Mom Who Feels Guilty for Loving Her Work

I have to start this off with a confession. I sat down to write this article four different times, but couldn’t put it all into words. None of it made sense. The words sounded so silly, confusing, insignificant. But, Read more

How to Be a Leader You Can Be Proud Of

Being a Successful Leader Starts With You“It’s just a busy season. I promise I’ll be home more when I finish this project.” I apologized to my husband as I raced out the door for an early-morning meeting that would be followed by a full day Read more

5 Steps When You Want to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

5-Steps-to-Turn-Your-Hobby-Into-a-Business Christy WrightOne thing I love about the culture we live in is that it’s never been easier to make extra money on the side, or work from home entirely! Over the past decade I’ve coached thousands of women who run Read more

3 Tips for Working in a Man’s World

3 tips for working in a mans worldIn my careers, I have worked with many more men than women. For the most part, I preferred that. It seemed as if it was frequently less complicated. What woman in the workplace has not dealt with the “mean Read more

Do I Have to Act Like a Man to Be Successful at Work?

Do I Have to Act Like a Man to Be Successful at Work?Do you ever wonder if you will make career strides in the workplace as a woman? Is it necessary to compete as your male counterparts do, adopting the nature Read more

5 Quotes That Will Encourage You, Working (Super) Mom

5 Quotes That Will Encourage You, Working (Super) MomWorking moms do it all—but it’s hard! The struggle to find work and life balance is real, but in the end, what really matters is that you tried your best. At least, that’s what I’ve been told from the women Read more

Dear Small Business Owner, This One’s for You


I created a recent email, as entrepreneurs often do, announcing a new way to be involved

Read more

Find encouragement for the journey of balancing work and home in these articles written for working women, by working women.

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As a 20-something wife and full-time college student, Bethany considers herself traditional, yet unconventional by today's standards. While learning how to navigate all aspects of life she has quickly learned about having grit and showing herself grace.

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