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Amy likes to sing '80s songs but always messes up the lyrics! She likes long, hot baths and a clean house!

Find Freedom From the Burden of Religion

Find Freedom From the Burden of Religion

On the surface, he seemed to have it all. He was young, handsome, and well dressed. He was admired by his peers and respected in his community. He was educated, wealthy, and hard working. The synagogue leaders applauded his good behavior. His parents beamed with pride over their perfect son. Everyone said he had God’s favor; after all, he was blessed with health, riches, power, and prestige. Yet deep down he was restless, anxious, and fearful. He longed for peace, joy, and life. He knew he was not okay. He quietly cried out to God, “Show me what is wrong! What more can I do?” Soon after his prayer, he began to hear stories about a man named Jesus. Some said He […]

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The Surprising Key to Freedom in Faith

The Surprising Key to Freedom in Faith

We grab our margaritas, a bag of tortilla chips, and a jar of salsa as we head to the deck of my parents’ home overlooking the beautiful Barkley Lake in western Kentucky. These are holy moments for me, as we sit together as a family enjoying one another. We laugh, talk, and revel in the beauty of the sunset. We are awestruck by the creation surrounding us. The water is smooth, glass-like, and shimmering. The trees stand tall and proud, filled with shades of green. The birds are numerous and varied—cardinals, finches, martins, and hummingbirds. I love the hummingbirds most of all. These thumb-sized “flying jewels” entertain us with their swiftness and dazzle us with their brilliant colors of emerald green, glossy

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You Are Breathlessly Beautiful, Absolutely Exquisite

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; beautiful in every way.” (Song of Solomon 4:7) Rarely have I been so stunned I forgot to breathe. It was another day, another walk, a part of the daily routine. I was bundled up and bounding down the front porch steps, mentally running through my to-do list. Reaching the sidewalk, I paused, looked up, and realized this was no ordinary day. During the night, a white blanket had quietly covered the earth. Now, the rising sun revealed a sky colored with muted shades of blue and pink and snow that sparkled like glitter from my children’s long-forgotten art projects. I Don’t Feel Worthy… It was magical; exquisite, really. Exquisite isn’t a word I use often; in

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A Love So Deep, It Covers All Your Shame

“I would never….” We say this so confidently of ourselves and so judgmentally of others. “I would never lie to get what I want. I would never cheat on my spouse. I would never hit my child. I would never pad my pockets with money sent to the ministry. I would never drink and drive.” And yet you did. I did. If it wasn’t one of these things it was something else. Whatever your “never” was, it probably had the same effect on you as it did me: shame, hiding, and humiliation, along with regret, self-punishment, and hopelessness. I want to share a true story with you. It is one of hope, restoration, and redemption. I think it’s one we need to

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