You Are Breathlessly Beautiful, Absolutely Exquisite


“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; beautiful in every way.” (Song of Solomon 4:7)

Rarely have I been so stunned I forgot to breathe. It was another day, another walk, a part of the daily routine. I was bundled up and bounding down the front porch steps, mentally running through my to-do list. Reaching the sidewalk, I paused, looked up, and realized this was no ordinary day.

During the night, a white blanket had quietly covered the earth. Now, the rising sun revealed a sky colored with muted shades of blue and pink and snow that sparkled like glitter from my children’s long-forgotten art projects.

I Don’t Feel Worthy…

It was magical; exquisite, really. Exquisite isn’t a word I use often; in fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever used it. But that was the word that came to mind. I grabbed my camera and attempted to capture the stunning landscape before me, exclaiming, “Father, it’s so beautiful! It really is exquisite! Thank you!”

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A still, small voice whispered, “My daughter, you are exquisite.”

It seemed almost laughable. Even on my best hair day in my cutest outfit, no one would describe me as exquisite. But today, in my layers of long underwear, sweats, and mix-matched winter paraphernalia with red cheeks and a runny nose, this is how my Father saw me!

There would have been a time when I would have quickly dismissed this thought and mentally gone through all the reasons I was anything but. For instance: my nose is too big, my wrinkles abundant, my cellulite yucky. My thoughts are unkind, my heart often stingy, my courage too rare. But over the years He has taught me that if He says it, then it is true. He asks you and me to trust Him despite how we feel or what we think. He reminds us that there is one thing He cannot do: He cannot lie.

…But, When He Speaks, Listen

So, on this morning when He spoke, I quickly pushed away my many arguments and I chose to believe Him. As I chose to believe His words and receive His adoration, my heart filled with joy and a smile came to my face. His words brought life. His words were water to my thirsty soul. I would not push this drink away. He knew what I needed and on this day, my middle-aged self desperately needed to hear “You, My dear, are exquisite!”

Maybe you need to hear this too?

If so, listen, my friend, you are more valuable than any work of Picasso or Rembrandt. More rare and radiant than any costly gem. More astounding than Donatello’s bronze sculpture of David.

You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece—stunning, beloved, breathtaking, and wonderfully pleasing.

Your Creator pauses, lovingly gazes at you, and sweetly whispers, “I am stunned by your beauty. You take My breath away. You, My dear, are exquisite and My greatest work of art.” Are you willing to believe it?

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