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Anne loves traveling the globe and currently resides in the great land of Mississippi. She’s a single, adoptive mom trying to figure out how to manage what today requires while doing her best to anticipate what comes next. Raising a child alone in her 40s isn’t exactly what she had planned, but she’s fine with being a “late bloomer.” Being able to adopt her daughter has been the single, greatest gift she's ever received and by far the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She’s also been a career woman, working with the likes of DC Talk, Chris Tomlin, Meredith Andrews, and Steven Curtis Chapman. She's laughed more and cried less than most and loves the life she’s got. She’s learning to recognize and be grateful for all the things she loves, deal honestly with things she doesn’t, and find contentment with the rest. Right now she’s looking for the next career opportunity to materialize, and until then she’s learning not to let worry take up too much space in her life.
Traveling Solo, How and Why You Need to Just Go for It

My name is Anne and I have a problem: I suffer from wanderlust. I don’t know if I will ever be able to feed the