Ashleigh Marie

Ashleigh Marie is the founder of From Ashes Lifestyle Blogs (, Jesus follower, wife, and mother. Living in the Mitten State, homeschooling, and living life. Lover of decaf teas, cozy things, and llamas.

A Life Full of Hardship Has Made Me Joyful

Creating an article about my life story had me really unsure about where to start or what to share. My story is not neat and tidy or easy to understand. There are a lot of loops, dips, and plot twists. It’s not one for the faint of heart, and it is so extremely difficult to tell. Sometimes, if not most of the time, I feel like I should not talk about it at all. It’s always as if there are too many pieces that no one on earth could ever relate to or understand. So why share? This was my stance on life for a long time until a very wise person told me, “Someone out there needs to hear your story.” […]

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When Others Minimize the Pain of Your Miscarriage

My husband and I have always been dreamers and planners. When we started dating, we dated with the intention of marriage being our end goal. We talked about life goals, dreams, that white picket fence, traveling plans, and of course, kids. We wanted children. Lots of them. Running around, playing. We wanted the chaos and the home filled with love and the laughter and the fun. Husband came from a big family (he is one of six) and I came from a large blended family (I am one of seven). But though our “plans” had children in them, the pressure of making sure we had “a plan” for when we wanted to start our family was there, loud and clear. I started

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