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Claudia is a wife and mom of 3(one being a teenager) who recently discovered herself. Being brought up in a single-parent home and becoming a teen mom at 18 led her to a life filled with disappointment and pain for years. Having conquered depression, the challenges of motherhood and the lies that kept her captive by pain and disappointment, she now holds a passion for connecting with others in their place of pain and pointing them to their better days to come. Claudia uses her blog to encourage and share life experiences that point others to Jesus. When she isn’t speaking on her blog she is either running a video production company alongside her husband, in a weight lifting or spin class or cuddling with her kids on the couch watching Disney classics.
I Wanted a Divorce but God Did This Instead

Most think that contemplating the D-word—divorce—especially as a woman of faith, must have been the result of this big fall in the marriage where

Now Is the Time to Start Living out Your Dream

For years I struggled. When I say struggled, I really mean I struggled. "How much?" you may ask. Well, by the time I was