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From a young child, I've always been a "free spirit." Doing my own thing my own way always came easy, but not without the disapproval of others who didn't "get me." Because of this, I love to encourage people to be themselves and not worry about what others may think. This is especially true when I try to instill that type of self-confidence in the hundreds of elementary school kiddos whom I've had the privilege of teaching for over a decade. I found my calling to teach while I was in college studying psychology (which, if you ask me, comes in handy in any career). During that time is also when I found my amazing husband. We're now in a season of learning how to juggle marriage, careers and parenting a baby girl. So much to learn in this incredible journey called life!
The 7 Ways I Paid off Student Loans

Do you know what the three scariest words are in the English language? Student Loan Debt! For something as frightening as this, millions of

5 Things to Do If You're Struggling With Breastfeeding

Engorgement and cluster feeding and sore nipples, oh my! Plugged ducts and milk blebs and bad latches, double oh my! I’ll take the lions