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Delaney is a 22-year-old senior majoring in journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University. If things go according to plan, she will be ready to take on the real world in December when she graduates. She is a self-proclaimed introvert and prefers to sit back and observe the crowd. However, if you listen closely you’ll probably hear her making some witty remark about what’s going on around her. She’s a total sucker when it comes to her nephews and can’t help but turn into a pile of mush when she’s with them. She’s a perfectionist that spends way too much time second guessing every decision she makes, but she’s doing her best to live a life full of laughter, love, and of course, some grit and grace.

Many of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button on our alarms and sleeping in until the very last minute. If I don’t


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