Bombas: A Successful Business That Is Helping the Homeless

Bombas: A Successful Business That Is Helping the Homeless

The majority of us can walk into a store on any given day, pick up a pair of socks, throw it in the cart, and carry on with our day. Socks are nothing more than an afterthought for most; that’s why it is so shocking to learn that for some they are considered a luxury.

After coming across a quote on Facebook that said socks are the number one most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, David Heath and Randy Goldberg knew they had to do something. The two decided to start a sock company called Bombas with the mission to donate one pair of socks to those in need for every pair of socks sold.

The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee. Bees work together to make the hive a better place. They’re small, but their combined actions have a big impact on the world. That’s why the Bombas mantra is bee better. This phrase is knitted on the inside of every pair of Bombas as a reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase. It is also a reminder that little improvements can add up to make a big difference.

You’re probably wondering, do they donate the same socks that they sell? The answer is no. Bombas designed a sock to meet the needs of people who don’t have the opportunity to put on a clean pair of socks every day. An anti-microbial treatment ensures they don’t need to be washed as often, and reinforced seams and darker colors give them greater durability with less visible wear.

When David and Randy first started at Bombas they would go around Manhattan and personally give out socks to those living on the streets. Following this tradition, every new employee is given a pack of donation socks to hand out on their commute to and from work during their first week. Additionally, the entire team at Bombas volunteers as a group regularly at least three times a month at a local NYC shelter or charity to hand out socks and contribute to onsite programming.

How to Get Involved:

1. Find a shelter and help out in your community. Bombas works with shelters, community organizations, and large partners like The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and The Special Olympics. Send a message to, and they will help you locate one in your area.

2. Looking for Bombas Donation Socks for your organization? Sign up to become a Giving Partner.

3. Want to get your company involved in volunteering? Bombas works with companies that care to raise awareness on issues surrounding homelessness. If you would like to get involved, send Bombas a message and tell them who you are.

What started out as an idea to help the homeless turned into a million-dollar company that has donated over eight million pairs of socks to date. If you have a business or would like to start one, consider what you can do to work towards a greater purpose. Together, we can make a big difference.

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Photo from the Bombas Facebook page!

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