5 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Love


Your “Bride Tribe” has been there for you through it all. Not only as a part of your wedding party, but as a friend and confidant over the years. There’s no better way to show your gal pals you appreciate them than by showering them with thoughtful gifts to say thanks for dealing with any of your bridezilla moments that may have occurred along the way. And most importantly, it’s a good way to say thanks for standing beside you while you recite your vows.

Here are five gifts to thank your bridesmaids for helping you tie the knot:
1. Robes

A robe is perfect to wear while prepping and pampering on the big day and beyond. Not only do they look cute for those “getting ready” photo ops, but your girls can lounge in their robes while they get their hair and makeup done.

Bridesmaid Robe

(Etsy.com) Price: $15.99-$21.99

2. Mini-Emergency Kits

This kit has 17 beauty and personal care essentials that can help deal with any disaster you could think of. Whether it be a stain, headache, or hair mishap, this lifesaving kit will be there to rescue your bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Miniemergency Kit

(Pinch Provisions) Price: $18.00

3. Gold Knot Bracelet

Every girl loves jewelry! Thank your bridesmaids for helping you tie the knot with this classic bracelet. Its simple design makes it perfect for other occasions, even after your wedding.

(David’s Bridal) Price: $16.95

4. A Planner

This notebook will not only help keep your bridesmaids organized, but keep you relaxed. There will be no need to repeat yourself a million times. Have your bridesmaids write down all the important dates and notes in their planner.


(Etsy.com) Price: $13.57

5. Makeup Bag

Your bridesmaid can keep all of her makeup and beauty essentials in this cute personalized bag. It’s great for everyday use or traveling on the go.

(Etsy.com) Price: $12.90-$15.62

Bridesmaids are the heroes of the wedding process. They’ll listen to you talk about your wedding for months on end, help plan your bachelorette party, and hold your dress up during trips to the bathroom. They do this all because they love you. So, show your “I Do” crew some love and give them a gift to say thanks for all they do.

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