Elise Heerde

Elise is a wife, mother, teacher, and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to be brave and courageous in their everyday life! Her personal motto is: "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine."


Why We Can Look at the Dark Parts of Life With Hope

I have a beautiful tapestry of a cottage garden hanging on my kitchen wall. As I look at the tapestry from afar the picture is beautiful, but as I draw closer I begin to see the intricate details in the cottage garden. The stunning colours that are weaved throughout the flowers, the birds and the winding pathway captures my attention and pulls me in. Each individual thread is vital for the overall vision that the tapestry portrays. The various colours and threads are weaved into the tapestry with great care and precision because every thread is essential to the finished design. Our lives are like a tapestry in action being woven together by the Creator. Every thought, dream, heartbreak, desire, and tear […]

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A Year of Peace and Strength for the Anxious Woman

The post-holiday season can leave us feeling exhausted and slightly battered. The packed malls, the parties, the big family get-togethers… It would be tiring for anyone, but if you’re like me and you struggle with anxiety then you may be feeling like you’ve just run a marathon. No one wants to start a year anxious and tired, so here are 3 simple ways to make this year one of peace and strength: 1. Relationships We were never created to do life alone, but anxiety has the tendency to isolate us. You don’t need to trust everyone or share every detail of your life, but can I encourage you to find people in your world that can share your burdens and you theirs? Life

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