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Since she was a little girl, Jennifer's known that she wanted to be an artist. She has an insatiable desire to be creative: to sing, write songs, compose music, play the piano, tell stories … and actually managed to record an EP and three albums before her family was blessed with their first baby girl. She has two beautiful little girls who she loves more than she ever imagined. Her creative drive is still as strong as ever, and there’s a daily war that goes on in her heart. When a new idea for a story or song pops into her head, it often gets set aside—and even forgotten sometimes—so that she can read board books, change diapers, or clean peanut butter off walls. She has a new album in production, and is also in the process of writing her first fantasy novel. She believes motherhood is a lifestyle of sacrifice, but it won’t always be like this, so she’s treasuring the season she’s in. She loves the messy, exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming life of motherhood because it’s beautiful and abounding with grace.
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