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Joyell is a California transplant by way of Ohio and South Carolina. She believes in the power of the written word, a good cup of coffee, and sometimes, the need for a hug. When not navigating the chaos of youth ministry or writing for her local paper, she’s most often found lounging at the beach with a favorite book and trusty journal. Joyell’s passion is to tell other people’s stories and to help others realize their own personal worth. Along the way, she’s worked in all forms of media, served as a resident adviser and curriculum coordinator to groups of young Christian leaders-in-training, contributed to a documentary, tutored, taught, and traveled internationally. Follow more of her random divine encounters and unexpected adventures on her blog Small World, Big God.
unexpected situations come with blessings, you just need to look

There are few guarantees in life. It is not guaranteed that life will be simple, or easy, or go according to plan. In fact,

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The man in blue caught my eye: a friendly cop plastered on a billboard, encouraging would-be policemen to train and apply for the sheriff’s

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One of the great commandments is “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). That works a lot better when you actually know who your

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It started out so sweet. He promised connections with the young people I was working with, updates of friends who lived far away, and

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Ice cream, popcorn, wine or tea (depending on your preference), and your favorite romantic lead: the perfect recipe for entertainment. I personally was a