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Laila is 34 years old and lives with her husband and 4 kids (age 16, 11, 5, and 10 months) in a small farming community just north of Toronto. Two girls and two boys! She loves people and has always enjoyed talking to others and hearing their stories and journeys. She's known for her passion and zeal towards pretty much everything! She is currently on extended maternity leave for 18 months from her full-time position at the courthouse as a courtroom clerk to allow her more time to be home with family. Laila grew up the eldest of 5 in a steel community in the north end of Hamilton ON. Her parents did the best they could but (long, long story short) after her mom suffered from severe mental illness she found herself in the custody of the Children’s Aid Society at the age of 14. She was moved around from girls home to girls home before running away and spending 2 years on the streets. Laila got pregnant with her daughter at the age of 16 and (more long story here) God got a hold of her heart in a miraculous way and began to set her life in a completely different trajectory. Looking back at that life, she says she almost can’t even believe it was hers. Laila knows first hand how important it is to receive grace and of the power that God can use to transform a life. She has a passion for encouraging mothers and wives in the day to day tasks and helping them to see that what they are doing (even in the most menial tasks) is so important and all has a purpose! Laila believes that marriage and family matter to God and that He has a purpose in every stage.
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