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Molly Consolazio is a fifth grade math and science teacher in Fort Myers, Florida. She earned her degree in Elementary Education from Southeastern University. Molly is also involved in her church’s children's ministry where she leads a group of 4th and 5th grade girls every week. Teaching is her passion, as she loves connecting with her students on every level and enjoys being a constant in each of their lives. Molly loves being creative, with some of her hobbies being scrapbooking, quilting, woodworking, sewing, but her favorite hobby is painting. Molly painted her first oil painting at age of six with her father and has not stopped painting since. Her dream job would be to own a flower shop with a paint studio.
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Every weekday around 11 a.m., I take my class out for a few minutes of recess. Most days, as a class, they play tag.

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I appreciate TED talks as a short, daily way to hear other people's opinions, thoughts, and both new and old ideas in a world


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A few years ago, I read Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, and have viewed the ways that I give and receive love in