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Wife, Mom of (it's complicated), business owner, writer, and minister. Beach and Jack Russell terrier lover. I need lots of courage, daily. I don't think I'm alone. That's why I choose to find ways to encourage women. When life is full, of both the good and the hard, the one thing we all expend is our courage. I have lots to say about how we can grow our courage daily and build communities of encouragement that are affirming and supportive. I create tools and resources to that end. I've held positions at the Executive level in corporate asset management and served on the staff at one of the largest churches in North America in discipleship and small group ministries. Been a public-school mom, a homeschool mom, and a Christian private school mom. Worked from home and had a nanny + commute to downtown. One thing I've learned is that the grass is never greener, it's just a different shade of green. Life is awesome and hard, and yes requires both grit and grace.
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