Monique Jackson King

Monique Jackson King is a believer in all things that make the heart smile! She has always felt a tug at her heart to write and spread love and hope through her words. However, it wasn't until she experienced a sexual assault that resulted in the conception of her daughter, followed by a series of subsequent "tough" circumstances that she rose to the challenge to find healing through her pen.

We Need to Address Racism with Grace and Love—This is How

We Need to Address Racism with Grace and Love—This is How

On New Year’s Eve 2019, heading into 2020, I made a celebratory dinner for my family, lit candles to fill our home with my favorite aroma, took a mid-day nap so this mama could actually make it to the fireworks, and spent some time praying about what the year to come would hold. I prayed and asked the Lord for a year unlike a year I’ve ever experienced. Specifically, I asked him to blow my mind with growth, revelation, truth, love, and advancement. Seven months into the year, I find myself asking, “Wait, Lord, did I pray the wrong prayer? This was not the advancement I imagined.” Isn’t that how life works, though? We see things from an eye-to-eye level when God […]

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A Girls Guide to Smart Spending

A Girl’s Guide to Smart Spending

Several years ago, I was 24 years old and four months pregnant with my little girl. I was working part-time in sales and had no clue how to make an adult-ish life out of my hourly, teenager-ish salary. Seven months later, my newborn was in daycare and I was working 19 hours a week, earning $11.52 an hour, as an English Language Development Aide for the high school from which I graduated. I went to work every day grateful for the opportunity to connect with students on what used to be my campus, but I kept questioning how I graduated from college and worked hard in the first few years of my post-baccalaureate life for the summation of this position. Living Paycheck

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This is What it Means to Be Surefooted

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting in the car as my dad drove us to the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I can’t remember why we were going, or if all of my family was together for the ride, one thing sticks out quite vividly. As we drove past a hill, I looked out the window and saw a herd of cattle. I asked my dad why the cows didn’t fall off the hill, and he replied, “They’re surefooted.” I didn’t realize how impactful that particular word would be throughout my adult years, or how many times it would come back up for me. But in that moment, my dad imparted a word in my spirit that would be

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This Is What I Learned About Life After My Rape and Pregnancy

This Is What I Learned About Life After My Rape and Pregnancy

In 2009, I was ending a relationship that had me completely mesmerized! I was involved with this man for the previous five years in what was called, by today’s standards, a “situationship.” In other words, I was madly in love with a man who had no intention of honoring our relationship with validity or legitimacy. Each of my close friends would ask me what our status was, and my standard answer was, “We’re taking it day by day.” In my heart, I knew this wasn’t the love that was designed for me, but I also did not want to let go of the good conversation, the companionship, the intellectual stimulation, or the familiarity that it provided. I allowed that fear to blind

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