5 Simple Prayers for Your Husband

5 Simple Prayers for Your Husband

After the movie War Room came out in December 2015, many Christian women raced home from the theater and set up prayer rooms in their homes. These are little spaces—wherever you can seek one out—where you can pray, alone and in peace, and paper the walls with Bible verses and prayers.

I did the same, but it wasn’t after I saw the movie. It was about eight months later, one morning last summer when I was reading my Bible and a particular verse struck me so deeply that I went scrounging in the office for a 3×5 card and wrote it down. I was about to tuck it in my Bible when I suddenly heard God whisper, “It’s time. Go create your war room.”

These are little spaces … where you can pray, alone and in peace, and paper the walls with Bible verses and prayers.

I don’t have a spare walk-in closet in my home, or anything remotely resembling a private place with a blank wall, except one: the toilet closet in the master bathroom.

I did think twice about this idea … for a couple of minutes. But God doesn’t care where we sit, stand, or kneel when we talk to Him. And this one had a door, a “chair” and a very large wall with nothing on it—a perfect canvas for spiritual decorating.

Front and center on the wall amidst all my sticky notes and 3×5-card prayers and Scriptures is a two-page list of 24 things to pray for my husband. It’s not a quick pray-through list; most of the numbered prayers are three or more sentences long. Typically, I pray through just one or two at a time.

Since few of us have time to exhaust such a list of prayers for our spouses on any regular basis, I thought it would be helpful to whittle it down to five essential prayers. Short ones. Simple ones. Ones that connect his heart to Christ and remind him he is loved.

So here are my five simple prayers for your husband:

1. That he know without any doubt that God deeply loves him and calls him son.

2. That he would look to God for wisdom in moments of doubt, stress, challenge and uncertainty.

3. That he read and learn to love the Bible and find on its pages encouragement and guidance for every area of his life.

4. That he would share his love for God, and God for him, with others.

5. That he would always do what is ethical, right, honest and pure in the face of any temptation or opposition.

(Note: this isn’t meant to replace prayers for immediate challenges or needs he has). I encourage you to write these down and insert your husband’s name in each one—maybe even carry them on a small card in your purse. I love doing that because I usually find it when I’m scrounging for something else. It only takes a minute to pray them through, but they can have everlasting impact!

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