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If you’ve lived long enough, you likely have more than one “story.” That’s Clare’s journey. Picture a camel’s hump, then line a bunch of them up in a row. That’s life, right? Highs and lows, flowing one into the other. From her desert childhood (both literally and figuratively) growing up in Arizona, to a God-rescued Christian now living on Southwest Florida’s lush “Paradise Coast,” Clare has experienced much of the abundance that life has to offer: college and a writing career, a sweet marriage, a beautiful child, travel, great friends. She’s also experienced the toughest of traveling earthly life: the sudden and tragic death of her spouse, nearly a decade of single motherhood, job losses, fears and doubts about the future. Then, redemption again: a new husband who shares her faith, a daughter who grew up to care for those living in Haiti’s poverty, a house on a little lake with baby ducklings and nightly sunset views. Her fears and doubts never completely dissipate no matter what her circumstances, but her God is always present and active, pouring out grace, mercy and promises of tender loving care. She rests in that, paints furniture, writes about her own and others’ lives, drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate, watches too much TV news, asks too many questions, and just generally loves everyone she meets. Her most favorite obsession of all is her grandson, Josiah.

I wouldn’t have given it a name, the gut-wrenching, upside down and inside out change in my life. But I was at a weekend

5 Tips for Grit and Grace as a Single Mom NEW

Being a single mom is hard. And beautiful. I was a single mom for nine years. It was not easy. It was not cool. It was definitely not what I signed up for—or

20 Things Moms Can Do (With a Little Extra Time)

Oh, the things you moms can do… When the kids go back to school! I know there are some of you mamas who absolutely love

8 Ways to Take the Fear Out of Networking

For many executives and business owners, networking is a non-negotiable part of marketing and generating leads. When you are passionate about what you do,

How to Be Prepared Financially in Case of a Tragic Loss

I have a sweet friend who lost her husband very unexpectedly. In the midst of the shock and grief, figuring out their personal finances

Five Ways to Make Your Job Sweeter

Lots of women love their jobs. That is truly something to be celebrated! But many women are in transition, working one place to gain


It may be time for all of us to stop obsessing about our purpose. Does that statement shock you? I can assure you it did

Every One Of Us Can Help Vulnerable Children

In his book Doing Good Is Simple, Chris Marlow issues a profound four words of motivation: “Get in the boat.” Marlow is a North Carolina pastor

6 Things You Should Do To Protect and Advance Your Career

The biggest mistake you can make in your career is not something you goof up on the job, like forgetting part of your pitch

How to Quit Your Job With Class

I had a job once with great income and opportunity, but I didn’t like it. Some of the people I worked with were really

You Need to Care for Your Heart with Grace

A friend of mine gifted me a coveted Fiddleleaf Fig tree before moving across the country. You know what they are—just open any interior

Do You Have to Like Your Job

So you have a job that you don’t like or don’t find fulfilling. Welcome to the club! Most of us have had more than one job

the seesaw aftermath of losing my husband to suicide

I have never been able to reconcile my seesawing beliefs about suicide. About the suicide of my first husband, Gary. He was handsome, fit, smart, playful,


I’ve been reading about capsule wardrobes for a couple of years, and we’ve written about them before. You can find that article here. They intrigue

Growth After Trauma

Post-traumatic Growth sounds like an oxymoron; growth after trauma. But after talking with some childhood cancer survivors, I realized I know a lot of


My shopping strategy has transitioned somewhat over the past couple of years since two things happened: I got connected to Instagram, and I stopped


If you’re a professional woman happy with the career you’ve chosen, chances are you always keep an eye out for opportunities to move up

Three Cords Haiti Life Transformation For At-Risk Women

Colorful bolts of fabric vied with the whir of multiple sewing machines for our attention as we stepped out of the heat and dust

How to Improve Your Credit Score

We recently had to put a new, expensive tile roof on our house and we didn’t have enough to pay for the entire job,

The Great Defender

From the time we were little girls, we have had to defend ourselves from something. The whispered lies of self-seeking childhood playmates. The gossip


Two days before my husband and I left for a bucket-list Alaskan cruise in July, North Korean’s mass-murdering dictator Kim Jon-un announced he had


It’s still summer, your days ripe with swimming and popsicles and vacations, and then you get it … a reminder. Whether it's from your