5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Pray

When You Don't Feel Blessed as a Mother

What does it take to make sure your children realize God cares about every little thing in their lives? Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Make it personal. List two things that matter to you and then ask your child to do the same. Explain that if something matters to you, then it matters to God, too. Then pray together.

2. When teaching them to concentrate by closing their eyes and folding their hands, make sure they are not walking at the same time. (Wisdom from Jenn Grassman.)

3. Be willing to pray on the spot. Yes, I have asked God to help me find the specific item on the grocery store shelf—out loud, in front of my kids—because I needed to get out of the store fast. And He answered!

4. Saying “thank you” matters to God. So when you work on teaching them to say thank you, teach them to say thank you to God, too. This is a great reminder that everything good comes from Him.

5. Stifle your laughter when they request that God would feed their dead turtle in heaven… Or ask God to make their baby sister quit crying, or why a giraffe’s neck is so long… I think God is laughing too.

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