Grit and Grace When You Doubt Your Faith


Our faith, like anything in life, experiences seasons. When hard times strike—financial struggles, a difficult diagnosis, crumbling relationships, or heartbreak—it can be difficult to hold onto faith. You find yourself questioning and broken. It may be difficult, but here at Grit and Grace Life, we believe it’s possible to hold onto hope. We place our faith in a personal God, not in our circumstances. That may not take away the hard days, but it brings the strength to help us get through them. If you find yourself in the midst of these days, we recommend these articles for encouragement:

Battered Faith: Holding on to Hope Even When You Struggle
You May Not Understand Why This Is Happening, But You Will
If You’re in a Hard Season, It’s Time to Speak Life
When You’re Desperate to Know the Reason for Your Pain
Finding Your Grit Just When You’re Sure You Don’t Have Any
A Love So Deep, It Covers All Your Shame
Why We Can Look at the Dark Parts of Life With Hope

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