The Best Way to Stay Balanced in Life

The Best Way to Stay Balanced in Life

I practice a fusion of pilates and yoga. If you have tried either of these bodyweight exercises, you know the struggle of the wobble. Balance is key when you are going through any series of stretches, but especially when you are balancing on one foot while lifting the opposite up in the air. Or, when you are in plank trying to distribute your weight evenly between your wrists and feet all while focusing on your core. If you do not have a focus point while doing these exercises, a spot on your mat, or a place on the wall in front of you, you wobble.

I like to look around. It is hard for me to focus on one spot while my legs, arms, or core is feeling the raging fire of active change taking place. I want to look around to distract myself from the goal. When I lose my focus point, I lose my balance, and I inevitably wobble or fall on my face. They say the wobble is good because it strengthens your ankles and wrists, but all I feel is a sense of panic. I do not want to fall. But I have learned that to remain steady in my pose and move through the flow, I need to keep my eyes in one spot to balance; to grow strong.

she-plans-her-steps,-the-Lord-directs-her-paths-boardLong after my workout is done, I have the rest of my day. Balance is something I may be able to achieve during my yoga flow, but it is impossible to attain in my life. I have heard many opinions on balance and what it looks like in real life, but I think we would all be better off if we would just admit that the “balance” we are looking for is not found in how we schedule our weeks, but in where our focus is. You can schedule and shape your time however you like and fill it with a little of this and that. Family time, work time, health time, and sleep time, but even in that mapped out plan there is no certainty.

God’s plan is not our plan. It does not mean that the goals and focuses in our lives are bad, but they are not steady. Things can go from amazing to a hot mess with one phone call, diagnosis, or appointment—the normal ebbs and flows of this upside down world. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.”

Just like in my workouts, the only way I can stay steady in my life through all the ups and downs that will happen is finding a focus point. Where are my eyes trained? Where is my heart resting? What am I looking towards with my life? I have tried focusing on success through grades, performance, and gaining acceptance. I have tried keeping my eyes on myself and keeping my gaze on others. Both are easy to do, and both are unsteady when it comes to remaining balanced in life.

Balance does not come from juggling well or a mapped-out schedule for every day. Remaining steady in an unsteady world requires an unmoving focus point. The only unmoving and reliable focus that I have found is in Jesus. When my eyes are trained on Christ through my own time with Him in scripture, worship, and remembering that everything I do is for His glory and honor; that any praise I receive reflects Him in me, I remain steady (Colossians 3:17). The balance in my life is not achieved by how hard I try to carry it all, but in committing all that I have on my plate to Him.

Balance does not mean that we will get everything done, but that everything we do accomplish is done with others in mind and for God’s glory. With our eyes trained on the unmoving love of Christ, we can do the things we have before us. Whether that is in school, a career, a hobby, or through our service, whatever it is you can do it, because Christ is with you and has given you what you need to serve and love the people around you through your work.

Balance is not a juggling act. Balance is training your eyes on the unmoving love of Christ and trusting that what He has given you to do will be accomplished.

With our eyes trained on Jesus who set us free, let us trust and do the things God gave us to do, love the people He loves, and glorify Him to a world that wants to praise our names instead of Jesus who gave us this time and place to do and pursue the things that set us on fire. May we live balanced on the unwavering love and grace of Jesus.

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