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Hannah Cox writes to women who are lost, hurt, and searching for purpose and meaning in their lives. Hannah graduated summa cum laude from Grand Canyon University with a BA in English with an emphasis in Professional Writing. She has been blogging for over 12 years. She loves to listen to stories, and knows women need to be heard and taken seriously in their joy and pain. No one is alone; every woman has a purpose. If she weren’t running her business, she would travel around the world, listening to women’s stories, drinking coffee, and taking pictures along the way.
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Artistic expression goes deeper than simply producing a beautiful product—it's therapeutic and relaxing when dealing with stress or anxiety. It’s also a great way

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I’ve had a change of heart regarding what it means to be an independent woman. I can be proud of my singleness and my

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I love to read. To know me is to know that reading is a big part of my life and daily routine; I spend

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Instagram is filled with inspiring women, both “famous” and not, who are being brave and sharing their stories and encouragement with the online community.

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I’m no stranger to the temptation to give up, throw in the towel, and walk away when life is too hard to handle. After

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I wasn’t on the podcast train. I didn’t see the point in listening to an individual or a group of people chat about life

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I spend most of my days in front of a screen; I find myself spending most of my time staring at either my phone

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We all know the negatives of living in our social media universe. The blue light hinders our eyesight. The constant dump of negativity mixed

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The mother-daughter relationship is both beautiful and complicated. Today, I am proud to say that my mom is not just a great adviser and

Strength that is rooted in faith in God is not a sign of weakness, and being strong doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. The


I am the queen of buying clothes that I wear once or twice, then they sit, and are given away. I am blessed and

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Honesty is always the best policy

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I am a huge fan of romantic comedies and am happy to see that they are making a resurgence in our world. We all

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It is cliché, but we are all busy. In our pursuits, passions, dreams, relationships, and all the craziness that comes with life, we are

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The world is loud. The world is full of viewpoints including your own. Social media is beautiful until it gets opinionated. Then it becomes an overwhelming

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It is awkward being the odd girl out. My friends are dating, engaged, married, and some are starting to have kids. Then there is

Why Is Daily Inspiration and Motivation so Important?

Life can be busy, crazy, and full of ups, downs, and turnarounds no matter what season you are in because, life is life. It

The Best Way to Stay Balanced in Life

I practice a fusion of pilates and yoga. If you have tried either of these bodyweight exercises, you know the struggle of the wobble.