10 Funny Things All Women Do

10 Funny Things All Women Do

I obviously have spent a whole bunch of years being a female, well actually my entire life (no surprise there). But something I have realized is that we are a funny bunch, aren’t we ladies? There are some things we do and say that are unique to us. I’ve done them, and I know if you admit it, you have too! So I’m just going to step up and confess to some of the funny things all women do.

1. When we ask, “How do I look?” There is only one acceptable answer.

2. We remove our bra the moment we get home. Then spend the next few minutes scratching the indentations caused by said bra.

3. When disrobing for a doctor’s visit, we place our underwear between our clothing, concerned that anyone might see them.

4. We stretch out the newly laundered jeans by squatting low and swinging wide.

5. We have the urge to hold onto our boobs when running up stairs to minimize the bounce.

6. We can kill 10 minutes trying to pluck the one eyebrow that simply won’t surrender.

7. We look at other ladies’ derrieres, pondering if ours looks that way too.

8. We wear the same bra for an undetermined length of time.

9. We shave our legs then ask others to feel how smooth they are.

10. We never have anything to wear, no matter how full our closets are.

Yep, that’s us!

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