Herringbone Tights, Why You Need a Pair


I have an ever-present fashion issue with regular ol’ tights. I love the classic look of tights with dresses and skirts, but by the end of the day I usually find a few obvious snags or even some flat out holes in them. The snags and holes ruin the clean, classic look the tights create! It’s basically a cruel game that tights like to play, and the tights usually win. However, when I discovered these specific herringbone tights from Target, I found a fool-proof loophole that would change everything in this game.

Herringbone tights are essentially the only style of tights I wear nowadays. First and foremost, they don’t snag as easily. And when the inevitable snag does appear, it’s not as obvious as it is in opaque tights.

Secondly, herringbone tights go with practically any fall or winter skirt or dress. It’s fun to wear them with other patterns and prints—they usually complement each other very well. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these tights with a plaid or floral skirt! The herringbone pattern adds texture which, in turn, makes your outfit pop.cs-herringbone-tights

These tights look great with a pair of cute boot socks and tall boots, over-the-knee boots, or booties. On the other hand, you can dress up your look by simplifying it—just wear some herringbone tights with boots or booties that don’t show your boot socks.

Herringbone tights may even be appropriate with your work wear. I would make sure to stick with only solid colors in your outfit so that the tights can speak for themselves. Otherwise, your outfit may draw more attention than necessary in the workplace.

The herringbone tights I love are from Target, and they’re only $10.00! I always make sure I’m stocked up on these beauties each fall and winter. Once fall hits, I run to Target to grab a new, backup pair. l continue to wear my old pair until they wear out. It usually takes a while, though!

Be sure to grab your own pair now—they go fast, but there are always restocks throughout the colder months! You can get them here.

I hope you have fun mixing your herringbone tights with all kinds of prints, patterns, and other textures!

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