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Chelsea is an aspiring writer and watercolor artist living in colorful Colorado with her dashing husband, Michael, and their two cuddly cats. Chelsea enjoys exploring historic mountain towns with Michael. Above all else, Chelsea loves Jesus and is passionate about loving His people and furthering His kingdom by utilizing her skills and abilities.

How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Red for Every Skin Tone

How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Red for Every Skin Tone

I work part-time at a clothing store, and when I use the word “red” with “shirt” or “dress” in the same sentence while suggesting a stylish article of clothing to try on, some women’s eyes bug out, and they start to frown. They don’t believe there’s a perfect shade of red, even for them. I don’t even think they realize it! In short, they have an internal freakout. When I mention the color red, many women instantly picture a bright, candy red, as you can see in the pictured color palette below (courtesy of Digital Synopsis). However, as a color fanatic, I love any shade of red. So my two-part goal in this article is: 1. to expand your shades of red […]

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How to Prepare for a Lifestyle Photo Shoot

The idea of a having a professional photo shoot, no matter the type, can be fun for some. For others, it can feel daunting until the photos come back and you find some truly adorable keepsakes. You may now exhale. All is right in the world again. Part of the stress involved in a lifestyle photo shoot is figuring out what to wear. If you’re dressing for less posed photos or more casual style shooting, these tips are for you! So whether you’re styling yourself only or you’re styling your entire family, my hope for you after reading this article is to have a good idea of where to begin in your styling process. Here are 4 styling tips for a lifestyle

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Everything You Need to Know About a Capsule Wardrobe

Everything You Need to Know About a Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of a capsule wardrobe sounds intriguing. Maybe it’s because it brings minimalism into view, the other end of the spectrum to my occasional spendthrift ways. But what is a capsule wardrobe? Simply put, it’s a mini wardrobe that consists of around 30 staple items that can be mixed and matched to create quick, put-together looks. Some may think the idea of having a capsule wardrobe sounds a little boring or unrelatable—maybe even something in which only hipsters partake? But truthfully, I believe that many people do not fully realize the positive reasons for having a capsule wardrobe. Those who have been intentional about creating a capsule wardrobe for themselves would likely say it feels freeing from living in excess and satisfying to

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Why is Premium Denim So Pricey? 4 Things You Need to Know!

I remember the time I purchased my first pair of premium denim. If I had to use one word to describe the way they feel compared to my regular old jeans, it would be butter. The brand was Adriano Goldschmied (AG) and the two major qualities that stood out to me, and still do, were: 1. The way they stretched easily over my legs, allowing me to bend and walk with ease—like butter—yet staying tight enough to give me shape and 2. That I didn’t have to take them to the tailor to be hemmed since I’m petite. AG is a great brand for petites, but at the same time, the different styles AG offers flatter all kinds of body types. The Sisterhood of the

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Four Every Day Nude Lipsticks for On-The-Go Women

Have you ever searched for that perfect nude lipstick? One that stands out from your skin tone just enough to be noticeable and flattering, but also isn’t too bold or dressy for everyday wear? Well, I have not only one, but four nude lip color suggestions for you! Allow me to introduce to you Lip Rouge Lipstick by the brand Doll 10. This creamy lipstick formula is intentionally crafted for busy girls who just don’t have the 5 extra minutes to perfect their lipstick. In fact, only one or two swipes of these intensely pigmented lipsticks will achieve a luscious look. The Lip Rouge Lipstick formula includes anti-aging properties and moisturizes the lips throughout the day. If these lipsticks don’t sound amazing already,

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5 Reasons Why Sorel Boots Are the Perfect Fall Investment

Have you ever bought something you loved so deeply that you instantly regretted not buying the 25 other colors it comes in? I definitely have—and I’m the crazy one who eventually owns all 25 colors, too. There’s no stopping me. Well, unless my husband intervenes and we have a come-to-Jesus moment. When I discovered the Sorel 1964 Premium Wedge Boots last fall, I knew I actually needed a pair—in three colors. I was tired of slipping and sliding on the ice in my Steve Madden boots (I fell flat on my face once—yeah, it hurt). Don’t get me wrong, Steve Madden boots have unsurpassable style and will probably outlive me—especially the Freebird brand, but the functionality of those boots don’t even come close to cutting

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Now Trending Lace Bralettes—How To Style Them

Now Trending: Lace Bralettes—How To Style Them

The lace bralette has been on the rise for quite some time and has easily become one of the biggest latest trends. When it comes to styling, lace bralettes are worn underneath clothes, so that the straps complement a top or dress (my personal preference), or they are worn as a top itself, showcasing most of the chest part of the bralette through a low-cut or cutout shirt or dress. In regards to style, my top two picks are the racerback bralette and the halter bralette. Lace bralettes add a feminine, bohemian vibe to any ensemble—even a preppy look. Racerback bralettes look great when paired with sleeveless dresses, tops, and even sweaters that expose the upper back. With this style specifically, the beautiful lace detail of the racerback is subtly featured, but

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Summer Style Guide 5 Staples for Head to Toe

Summer Style Guide: 5 Staples for Head to Toe

It’s finally the time of year for warm, breezy nights, dinner and drinks on restaurant patios, the smell of sunscreen, family trips, and of course – breaking out the shorts and sandals! Each new season inspires the desire to freshen up the closet with some new wardrobe essentials – out with the old, in with the new and on-trend pieces! Below, you will find several must-have staple pieces that can be worn over and over again and styled in many different ways throughout the summer. You will also notice that in each category, there are two options: one affordable piece and one investment piece. I hope you enjoy this fun summer style roundup! 1. A Straw Tote Bag Straw tote bags are

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These 4 Denim Trends are Heading Your Way

These 4 Denim Trends Are Heading Your Way

I am so enthralled by the four hot denim trends of 2017! I have never seen such edgy and unique denim trends come alive all at once. Plus, these trends are ones that your kids or significant other may actually like! I don’t know about you, but there are some trends that my guy just doesn’t get… Without further ado, here are 4 hot denim trends of 2017: 1. The Raw Hem The raw hem summons a 60s and 70s vibe—two decades when hemlines were simply deemed nonexistent, according to Donna Ida, founder of denim boutique Donna Ida. In the fall and winter, tuck a thin turtleneck into a pair of raw hem denim for a simple, streamlined 70s look. For a fun

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3 Pieces Every Millennial Needs in Her Closet

3 Pieces Every Millennial Needs in Her Closet

I know, I know, the term “Millennial” has become a bit sour to those of us who were born between 1982 and 2004, and especially to those of us who are hard-working, appreciative, and resourceful when it comes to our time and technology. When I use the term “Millennial,” I mean to distinguish our specific generation of youth—no stereotyping or sweeping generalizations allowed! Many of us millennials, although unique individuals, love what’s currently in style, and we love fashion in general. To narrow it down, I’m giving 3 must-have staple pieces for every Millennial: 1. Cropped Denim. Cropped denim comes in many colors and washes and is a refreshing style to rock with booties, a pair of Converse, fashion sneakers, wedges, or strappy sandals! It is

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How to Wear White Jeans All Year-Round

White jeans have the ability to add a fresh vibe to any outfit. There are still some nay-sayers out there who think white denim has an expiration date each year, but let this article be an encouragement to you to go ahead and disregard the “wear by” date and sport white denim year-round. You don’t need permission to set a good style example, so just go for it! Hold your head high, reach for a great pair of white jeans, and commit to rocking them every season. Here are a few styling ideas: during the spring and summer, pair white jeans with tank tops or cold shoulder tops and wedges. In the fall, wear white jeans with tunics and flowy black tees plus a little denim vest or a jean jacket and booties. For winter, try a cozy

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What to Wear When You Meet His Parents

What to Wear When You Meet His Parents

I remember meeting my now husband’s entire family for the first time at The Cheesecake Factory. My nervousness eased up a little because The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite restaurants, plus, I quickly found out that my now mother-in-law’s favorite dish was mine, too. But what to wear? While singing was optional for Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve, dressing to impress is not. Not to add more pressure, but meeting your guy’s parents is like an interview! No matter your age, first impressions are very important when it comes to potential in-laws, but another crucial thing to remember is to be yourself! Another tip? Keep your look conservative. Here are three cute outfit ideas for when you’re meeting the

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What to Wear on a First Date

What to Wear on a First Date

Let’s admit it: most women want advice on what to wear for a first date, and even on second and third dates! First dates are exciting! The feeling of butterflies and anticipation is often remembered for the rest of our lives. Even dates with the guys who didn’t woo us so much can be memorable. First dates give us funny stories to share—I always love hearing about the awkward ones! Whether you’re going to a coffee shop, eating at a classy restaurant, or having fun at a carnival, you’ll have three haute looks to choose from in hopes of a first date on which some warm and fuzzy memories are made! 1. Casual & Relaxed First Date If your first date consists of sharing stories

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What to Wear When You Feel Less Confident

What to Wear When You Feel Less Confident

Even though I have a passion for fashion, there are many (and I mean a whole lot of) days when I wear an old t-shirt and shorts with no makeup on and my hair thrown up into a ponytail. This is partly because I’m most comfortable in this type of outfit and partly because getting dressed up takes more effort and hours than I’m willing to give at times. We all have days when our body feels unhealthy and larger than it actually is (AKA the “gross” feeling) but we still have to get dressed up to go to work or an event. There are some places where yoga pants are just not acceptable. I tend to feel this way when I’m on my period, I haven’t been taking

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4 Dark Lip Colors You Can Rock (on Any Budget)

The bold red lip is a timeless, classic look that any woman can pull off. And this fall, it’s coming back with a vampy spin; introducing … the dark red lip. If you’d like an even more dramatic look, try a dark plum lip, which is also huge this season. Whether you’re a plum or a red girl, you absolutely cannot go wrong. If you aren’t sure which color to rock, I’d encourage you to visit your local Ulta or Sephora and ask one of the skilled gurus to test some shades on you. They will help you figure out which color and shade works best with your skin tone! Here are four dark lip colors that I’ve tried and highly recommend. They

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The Perfect Tank Top and How to Style It

I have staples in my closet, and then I have staples. You know what I’m talking about … those trusty pieces we all have and gravitate toward, wear on repeat, and purchase in every color possible. Well, I’ve recently discovered a new staple, and it’s the perfect tank top—the Free People LA Nite Tank. One of the best things about my new found staple is that it’s only $20.00. This perfect tank is very flattering because it cuts in right below the shoulders, creating a slimming effect. It’s also very lightweight and breezy—you won’t give a second thought to it. The LA Nite Tank has a bit of flow at the bottom, so it gives good coverage for those who don’t like tightness across the midsection.

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Herringbone Tights, Why You Need a Pair

I have an ever-present fashion issue with regular ol’ tights. I love the classic look of tights with dresses and skirts, but by the end of the day I usually find a few obvious snags or even some flat out holes in them. The snags and holes ruin the clean, classic look the tights create! It’s basically a cruel game that tights like to play, and the tights usually win. However, when I discovered these specific herringbone tights from Target, I found a fool-proof loophole that would change everything in this game. Herringbone tights are essentially the only style of tights I wear nowadays. First and foremost, they don’t snag as easily. And when the inevitable snag does appear, it’s not as obvious as it is in

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