Makeup Hack: Essential Oils and Mascara

Makeup Hack Essential Oils and Mascara

I feel like all of the oily ladies out there are going to love me for this one! Essential oils have become big, and I bought into the craze purchasing a full box of assorted oils. Honestly, I struggled to use them daily, until I discovered this trick!essential oil and mascara hack

When I open a new tube of mascara I always add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil. It helps boost my eyelash length and fullness! I’ve definitely seen a noticeable difference! Plus, it smells great!

Warning, don’t add the drops if you plan to apply the mascara right away. I usually add the lavender oil when I don’t plan to use it for at least several hours, preferably the next day even. I usually add the oil when I’m throwing away an old tube, knowing that the next day I’ll open a new one! And I used a reputable brand of essential oils. No grocery or drug store products, ladies!

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