5 Tips for Successful Independence

5 Tips for Successful Independence

Ladies, whether you are single, dating, married, widowed or divorced, having the ability to live independently is a vital part of life. It’s important for every relationship to be built upon two healthy individuals as well as creating within us a strength that exemplifies unfading beauty.

You may already be in a great marriage, but health issues could arise and prompt you to be the one to take the helm. Or, though you may have never expected to be alone, suddenly life forces change upon you. Maybe you’re the girl who has stayed single; you already know how to do this well… But I encourage you to take this as a refresher.

To make sure you are prepared for every life contingency, let me give you a few tips for healthy independence.

• Career independence—Discover the job you were made to do, build it, and create your own financial stability. Life may have you weaving in and out of working outside of the home, but make sure you have a career plan available to you no matter your circumstance.
• Build a community of friends—We need one another, whether it is a travel buddy, a dog sitter, just a listening ear or a dinner date, our relationships are the lifeblood of our existence.
• Financial independence—Debt weighs heavily on all of us, but especially if you are the sole breadwinner. There is nothing worth purchasing that robs your peace of mind. So, if you’re in debt, make a plan, stay the course, and gain your independence.
• Become a joiner—Whether it’s volunteer work, a church group, or career peers, become part of something where you have the opportunity to bring your talents and interests to the table. Just because you’re independent does not mean your voice and input is not needed.
• Discover the joy in doing something by yourself—Feel free to hit a movie, go out to dinner, or even take a vacation alone. Seriously, being alone means no one will judge the slathered popcorn, decadent dessert, or determine what tourist trap you choose to visit. You truly can find pleasure in life experiences when it’s just you.

So ladies, become independent… Not in an unhealthy way, that precludes any kind of relationship, but in the healthy way that will make you more beautiful and every one of your relationships stronger.

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