Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara Review

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara Review

I’ve tried it all, it seems. I love makeup and “girly stuff”! I’ll be sharing my product reviews for you and would love your feedback on what I should try, too!

Today I’m looking at Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara.

Over a span of about 2 months I recently tested about 15 different drugstore mascaras for a project I was working on. I was trying to find about 3 really great mascaras that would lengthen, give volume, be long-wearing, come off easily at the end of the day, and not cost an arm and a leg. I have so-so lashes. They are not long or extra thick, but I like them regardless. They just need a little smoke and mirrors to shine bright like a diamond. LOL!

The Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara with the blue cap was among the tops of my picks. This mascara was the cheapest of ALL the mascaras I tried! Score! I thought that it delivered on all the points I was looking for. To be completely honest it wasn’t my top pick, but I still really like it very mucho much. I actually DO wear it often. More often than I thought I would. I kind of use this one for my, “I’m running to the grocery store, and I need a little something on my face to brighten my eyes up.” I did find that curling your lashes is pretty much a requirement for all these mascaras to really do their thing. That’s not a huge surprise though, right?

Revlon revamped their mascara line in late 2015/early 2016 and introduced a collection to hopefully meet the needs of exactly what you are looking for at a drugstore price point. The thought is that not everyone has the same shaped eye, type of eyelashes, or achieved effect with one mascara. They have 5 formulas (with different color tops) to pinpoint your goal. I chose the blue cap that is supposed to volumize and lengthen. So…how do they do this? The formulas are different with some being wetter than others, tiny fibers in the mascara, etc…, and the spoolies on the wands are all different too.

So…here’s the DL on the Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara – blue cap. This mascara is buildable. If you’re like me, you will use at least a minimum 2 coats. The wand and spoolie work really well. The spoolie is kind of a fat brush, but it didn’t go all over my eye when I was using it. The con is that I really don’t like the scent…at all. It didn’t clump though, and that is a very good thing. It went on kind of a wet/dry, but dried pretty quickly helping to not drag down lashes. I like that. Also, no flaking, transfer or bleed down! YES! This is waterproof…which is kind of a MUST HAVE for me. It wasn’t difficult to remove either.

I like to layer my mascara types, and I think I’d try the Super Lengthening formula (green cap) under the volume+length (blue cap) formula for a more dramatic effect too! I’m hooked on this one, and you CANNOT beat the price point.

I give Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara – blue cap a 4.5 out of 5. I just don’t love the scent.

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