3 Big Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Care You Need to Start Now

3 Big Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Care You Need to Start Now

In the last six years of being a licensed Esthetician (which, just to clarify is not to be confused with a statistician or Obstetrician…yup, that’s happened), I have heard some pretty interesting skin care routine stories from clients.

I’ve heard everything from clients washing their face with acetone, to using hand sanitizer on their face throughout the day, because they were convinced it would help with their acne (to which I then considered referring them to me for counseling services).

All that to say, I thought it might be helpful to share 3 brief do’s and don’ts as it relates to the world of skin care, and some best and not-so-best practices.

1. DO: Always wash your face at night.

If you were going to pick any time to wash your face–nighttime is the one to choose. Whether you are a girl or guy, it is so important to remove the grit and grime of the day from your skin. Our natural oils, makeup, and environmental pollution are all elements that, if not cleansed, will absorb into the pores and become a breeding ground for bacteria and future breakouts. Check out Dermalogica’s pre-cleanser wipes; they are a total game changer.

2. DON’T: If you have Apricot Scrub, go home and throw it away!

Why the angry tone, you ask? Well, I cannot even tell you how many clients and friends who have faithfully used this product, and had no idea how terrible it was for their skin!

Here’s the thing: the apricot kernels that are used in this product are jagged, therefore when you rub this product into your skin, the little jagged pieces of apricot are making tiny microscopic tears in your skin (insert face palm here). Over time these little tears (aka injuries) to the skin produce premature aging because of the constant injury. So, if you happen to have this product, please throw it away asap, and switch it out for something like Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, or if you wanna keep your costs down, you could go for Aveeno’s Positively Radiant cleanser.

3. DO: Always use SPF (and not only the one in your makeup).

If you’re a fellow sun-worshipper like me, I’m sure you’ve had your share of sunburns. It wasn’t until I began my formal skin care education that I realized how disastrous overexposure to the sun can be for our skin. Aside from stress, overexposure to the sun is a major culprit for premature skin aging.

Research shows that UVA and UVB rays actually changes the way our skin cells make chemicals.

For example, tanned skin is the result of the overproduction of melanin—the chemical that darkens the skin. This is the skin’s natural response to protect against damage. If your skin is repeatedly exposed to sunlight without the necessary precautions, your skin loses its ability to repair itself.

Scientific studies have shown that repeated UV exposure breaks down collagen and impairs the synthesis of new collagen. The sun also attacks our elastin fibers. Without the skin’s supportive connective tissue (collagen and elastin) our skin loses its strength and flexibility. Essentially, the sun makes us look older, faster.

And why isn’t the SPF in your make up not sufficient?

Well, here’s what Dermatologist, Leslie Baumann, MD, says: “Makeup does not provide enough coverage,” she says. “You need seven times the normal amount of foundation and 14 times the normal amount of powder to get the sun protection factor on the label. No one does this.”

Check out the latest and greatest SPF’s from Elle magazine that will cater to any skin type and budget.

The moral of the story is, what habits you have now will affect your skin tomorrow. Hope these little tips help you wherever you are on your skin care journey!

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