3 Reasons To Give Your Man For Your Netflix Binge

3 Reasons To Give Your Man For Your Netflix Binge

I’m going to go ahead and assume that since you’re reading this, you too are guilty of a Netflix binge.

 With so many great shows it has to offer, many people find themselves rescheduling plans with friends just to stay home in their PJs with their new BFF, Netflix.

But what about your man? 

Sometimes our will for holding out on watching just one more episode simply isn’t strong enough. 
The Netflix bug bites and we find ourselves cuddled up with popcorn, drinks, and Michael Scott. 

I feel your pain. 
Sometimes there are just no words to explain as to why season three of you and your guy’s favorite series mysteriously turned into season four. Thankfully, there is a way out of the guilt and embarrassment once your significant other catches on to your shenanigans.

Here are some ways to say “I’m Sorry” if you cheated on your guy with Netflix.

1. Using the cake distraction.

So, baking a cake to demonstrate your feelings of regret may be the best thing to happen to Netflix lovers around the globe. 

I saw a meme the other day that was a picture of a cake with the words “I’m sorry I watched an episode without you” written in red frosting on top. Brilliant. If a cake seems too extreme, try a more under exaggerated approach. Run out and purchase their favorite snack foods.

 Once the next round of Netflix binging with your better half comes around, you will be well stocked with perhaps the best line of defense for saying you’re sorry!

2. Pretending it never happened.

This one is a make or break deal. 

If you’re willing to put on an act of disbelief and follow through for the rest of your life, then this is definitely the route for you.

 Be sure to rehearse in the bathroom mirror those many looks of surprise and astonishment. 

Most Netflix lovers can smell a cheater from a mile away, so be sure you have your storyline down as well. 

Something like, “Oh my goodness! What in the world happened?” 

This method will require you to rewatch all of those “unwatched” episodes with your partner. So, be sure you’re ready to face the consequences.

3. Blaming it on the kids.

This one only works if you have kids, obviously.

 Perhaps you could play the card of the neighborhood children sneaking in to watch 17 episodes of Stranger Things, but honestly, I wouldn’t risk it.

 So here’s the scenario:

 Little Billy, your precious toddler, found the remote that you accidentally left on the side table. While you were doing all the things a great wifey does, Billy must have clicked all the right buttons and made his way to Netflix. It just so happens that he chose the new series that you all had just started together. You were too busy cleaning and cooking (because you are such an awesome partner, duh) to notice he had left it on the screen.

 Again, this technique would require that you joyfully sit through round two of an entire season of your favorite show. You know, the one that you promised your one true love that you wouldn’t watch?


 Temptation happens. 

How can we be held responsible for all of the episodes if they are all so amazing? Really, this is a huge responsibility.

 I would hope that heaps of forgiveness are showered upon you from your extremely understanding man. 
Surely, he of all people understands the commitment it takes to not watch Netflix. 

If not, and you find yourself in front of the TV swaddled in a blanket cocoon, remember these reasons to give for your next Netflix binge. 

Because it will happen, but you will be prepared.

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