How to Pack For a Quick Trip (When You Travel Often)

How to Pack For a Quick Trip (When You Travel Often)

The worst part about going out of town can often be packing. I will share a few of my favorite packing tips and then tell you how I create a foolproof capsule wardrobe for any vacation.

1. Know your itinerary.

This. Is. Crucial! Figure out what you’ll be doing while you’re away (get as specific as you want) so you know the kind of outfits you have to piece together. Beachy? Go cover-ups, sandals, and sundresses. Work trip and meeting? Bring your professional all-day wear that’s comfortable.

2. Look at the weather.

What’s worse than arriving at your tropical getaway only to find there’s a cold front heading in, and you forgot your favorite linen wrap. Ok… there are a lot worse things but it’s always a bummer when you aren’t dressed properly.

3. Pick a color palette.

This! If you obtain nothing else from this article, this is the key to a capsule wardrobe. By picking a color palette you can mix and match if you change your mind! I am a neutrals gal. Everywhere I go I bring black, denim, and nude. Navy’s, blues, and whites also go great together.

4. Pack on hangers.

If you have a suitcase that allows this, it is such a luxury to pack on hangers. I have one of those big hard shell suitcases and the hangers do not take up any extra space. The biggest plus? All of those things you don’t wear, or wear to dinner one night but didn’t get dirty, you can just put right back in your closet when you get home. Unpacking made effortless!

5. Unpack when you arrive.

It will be incredibly hard to rock that capsule wardrobe if it’s all wadded up in your duffle during your trip. As soon as you arrive, unpack into drawers. You can always call down to the front desk for extra hangers if you need them.

Here’s your checklist for your next 5-day trip!

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