5 Bailouts When the Fundraiser Kid Hits Your Doorstep

5 Bailouts When the Fundraiser Kid Hits Your Doorstep

I am a complete mark when it comes to the miniature fundraiser. You know the moment the doorbell rings… You stop whatever you’re doing to open the door and greet that timid, sweet, short person with a clipboard in hand. My husband reminds me every time I come back into the house to fetch my wallet that I have not met a pint-sized fundraiser I can resist. He’s right. One year I decided to try, so I created my five best bailouts lines.

1. I’m sorry, I have already purchased (fill in the blank). It’s not a lie. I still have the Girl Scout cookies from 2013.

2. I’m sorry, members of my family are diabetic. They may live three states away, but what can I say?

3. Sorry, my kids have sold those too. So that was 15 years ago, who’s to know?

4. I don’t have any cash, you’re going to have to come back after I’ve made a trip to the bank. This one doesn’t always work because there’s often the “no problem you can pay when we deliver” option.

5. Sorry, my “child-at-the-door fundraising budget” is blown for the year.

Now I’m going to be honest here… I tried it twice and saw the devastated look on that sweet little face and ran into the house to get my wallet. But in case you really have purchased, have diabetic family members, kids selling, or blown your budget, I am giving you the pass that apparently doesn’t work for me.

And truly, when the smile hits the face of that little fundraiser when I open my wallet to make their day, it makes my day better too.

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