5 Immunity Boosting Smoothies That Will Help You Fight Flu Season


Unless you’ve been living under a rock this winter, you know that this year’s flu season is a doozy. In fact, the CDC is reporting the highest flu infection rates since 2009*, which if you remember is when we were all in a panic over the Swine Flu. And to make matters worse, the flu shot is only showing to be about 10% effective in preventing the flu*, largely because the most prevalent strains were not covered in batches this year.

These stats are enough to make even the least germaphobic amongst us panic.

But, let’s face it, life must go on. Most of us won’t have the luxury of riding out this season sealed off from human contact. Most of us will have to live our lives out in the germ-infested public. We are going to come in contact with the flu virus. It’s almost guaranteed.

And while a lot of different factors go into immunity and who gets the flu versus who doesn’t, arming yourself with good health from the inside out is one way to combat any viruses that come across your path.

So why not up your nutrition game and incorporate a delicious immunity-boosting smoothie into your daily routine during these tenuous flu-filled months?

These five are all packed with nutrition aimed to keep your systems running on healthy and help your immune system keep germs at bay.

Flu-fighting never tasted so sweet.

Kale Mango Pineapple Smoothie by Savory Tooth


Green Smoothies have been all the rage for some time now, and with good reason. Greens are packed with Vitamin C (really!) and also have immune-boosting properties that are so important when trying to stay healthy during flu season. I love this smoothie because it pairs kale with pineapple, which is a great anti-inflammatory agent and also provides a great balance of flavor. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, with the technique laid out in this post you also get the added benefit of a super-smooth green smoothie, which is rare when you’re making them at home!

Wildly Striped Blueberry Smoothie by Caroline’s Cooking


Just one look at this smoothie is enough to make you smile. I mean, it’s beautiful! But on top of looks, this smoothie packs a great immune-boosting punch. Packed with antioxidants, wild blueberries are a delicious way to help bolster your body’s immune response to infection, add in anti-inflammatory turmeric and pineapple and you have one healthy, gorgeous breakfast treat!

Vitamin C Immune-Smoothie by BeautyfromBurntToast


This one is perfect whether you’re trying to keep the flu at bay OR you’ve already got it and are trying to fight your way back to health. Packed with Vitamin C from delicious mandarin oranges, this sweet citrus smoothie also has anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger and coconut water for a hydration boost. As an added treat it tastes just a bit like a Dreamsicle, so you can be sure the whole family will enjoy this healthy treat.

Healthy Blackberry Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie by the Rising Spoon


Any smoothie that includes peanut butter as an ingredient is a giant win in my book. This one goes beyond my standard chocolate-peanut butter-banana smoothie, though, and adds a delicious and healthy twist with blackberries and avocado. HIgh in antioxidants and protein, this smoothie will have your body primed and ready to fight off any germs that come your way.

Energy Boosting Smoothie with Papaya and Avocado by Happy Foods Tube


I can in no way guarantee it, but I am pretty sure that just looking at this beautiful smoothie will cure what ails you. Packed with Vitamin C, this filling smoothie is all you need to ward off sickness and get your morning moving in the right direction. Papaya is such an expected fruit choice; it’s sure to bring an exciting change to your regular smoothie rotation.

Here’s to facing this flu season with grit and grace!

Statistics provided by The New York Times.

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